Golf Club Cleaning Kit
Golf Club Cleaning Kit

Golf Club Cleaning Kit

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An essential piece of kit for any golf enthusiast.

Premium Club Brush: Engineered with durable bristles, our club brush effortlessly removes dirt and debris from club faces and grooves, ensuring optimal accuracy with every swing.

Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towel: Our ultra-absorbent microfiber towel provides a gentle yet effective solution for wiping down clubs, leaving them sparkling clean and ready for action, an ideal gift for any golf lover.

Specialized Club Cleaner Solution: Formulated with care, our club cleaner solution cuts through grease and dirt without compromising the integrity of your club's finish, ensuring they look and perform like new, making it an excellent gift for golfers who take pride in their equipment.

Prod: H 3.5cm x W 9cm x D 2.5cm
Box H 6.5cm x W 12.2cm x D 3.5cm